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Carbon-intensive industries are mandatory to supply processed materials and products to cover EU citizen’s needs. In a vision of a decarbonized Europe, these industries are always seen as negative components due to their massive CO2 emissions but also since only 14% of the energy used to run these factories is coming from renewable sources.
What if we were able to generate additional value, capturing CO2 flue gases & convert it into a fuel and energy carrier that could be used locally?
There is a large consensus at European level that CO2 capture, either from energy intensive industries or even from air, is a necessity to be able to reduce the human effect on the observed climate changes. At the same time, CO2 is increasingly seen as a potential raw material for the C1 chemistry or to be used as energy carrier.
Several projects are running in parallel at national and international levels.
This workshop will gather the last scientific results of the different running projects and will make them available for scientists and students and industrial researchers in an informal atmosphere.
The scientific goal is to create a forum for open discussion on the latest developments on technologies for CO2 capture and conversion. We think that the workshop should be open to all, without registration fees, and as such several projects decided to try to (partially) cover the costs of the workshop. In this way, also young students can participate freely and have the possibility to discuss the topic and the last developments in the field.

A special issue will be published after the Workshop.

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