Breakup Room 1   Breakup Room 2
    Opening & Plenary sessions (chairperson Fausto Gallucci)
9:00-9:30   All coordinators - Introduction to projects
9:30-10:00   Dr. E. De Coninck (CTO ArcelorMittal) - The zero Emission Plant
10:00-10:30   Dr. Walter Eevers (CO2 Value Europe)
10:30-11:15   Coffee break and posters
    Session 1A (chairperson Jose Luis Viviente)   Session 1B (chairperson Camel Makhloufi)
11:15-11:35   Dr. O. David - A review of the membrane development steps from material to final product   Dr. M. Noponen and Dr. X. Sun - High temperature electrolysis and co-electrolysis
11:35-11:55   Dr. V. Spallina - System simulation for integration of CO2 capture technologies into steelworks and CCUS clusters   Prof. J Serra - Direct electrocatalytic conversion of CO2 into chemical energy carriers in a co-ionic membrane reactor
11:55-12:15   Dr. M. Saric - Methanol membrane reactor: modelling and experimental results   Dr. V. Middelkoop - CO2Fokus at a glance: CO2 utilisation focused on DME production, via 3D printed reactor and solid oxide cell based technologies
12:15-12:35   Dr. Adam Deacon - Realising the potential of MOFs through efficient scale-up   Dr. M. Tsampas - The KEROGREEN CO2 plasma route to CO and alternative fuels
12:35-12:55   Dr. M. Etxeberria-Benavides - PBI based mixed matrix hollow fiber membranes for pre-combustion CO2 capture   Dr. G. Bonura - 3D-printing in catalysis: Development of efficient hybrid systems for the direct hydrogenation of CO2 to DME
12:55-14:00   Lunch break
    Plenary session (chairperson Fausto Gallucci)
14:00-15:00   Dr. Angels Orduna (Spire 2030)
    Session 2A (chairperson Giampaolo Manzolini)   Session 2B (chairperson Vesna Middelkoop)
15:00-15:20   Dr. G. Garcia - LCA and TEA of the COZMOS technology   Dr. M. Sleczkowski and Dr. Pablo Ortiz - Turning gas separation membranes green with biobased block copolymers
15:20-15:40   Dr. A. Mattos or Dr. A. Mitchell - How can public policy and business model innovation be developed to address challenges of CCUS and realise the opportunity?  

Dr. A. Benedito - CARMOF Project: a CO2 capture demonstrator based on membrane and solid sorbents hybrid process

15:40-16:00   Dr. L. Engelmann - Perception of CO2-based fuels and their production in international comparison   Dr. R.H. Heyn - Introduction to the COZMOS project
16:00-16:20   Dr. N. Dunphy - Social studies in REALISE project   Dr. L. Petrescu - Converge technology for efficiency methanol production with negative CO2 emissions: energy and environmental analysis
16:20-17:05   Coffee break and posters

IWCCU 2020