Breakup Room 1   Breakup Room 2
    Opening & Plenary Sessions (chairperson Fernanda Neira D’Angelo)
9:30-10:00   All coordinators - Introduction to projects
10:00-11:00   Dr. K. Bakke - Northern Lights – concept, plans and future
11:00-11:45   Coffee break and posters
     Session 3A (chairperson José Serra)   Session 3B (chairperson Oana David)
11:45-12:05   Dr. A. De Paula Oliveira - SER and SEWGS for CO2 capture: experimental results   Msc. A. Sliousaregko - Industrial membrane requirements for CO2 removal from different gas mixtures - Current practices and developments
12:05-12:25   MSc. S. Poto - Membrane reactors for DME production   Dr. I. Kim - Technologies demonstration in REALISE
12:25-12:45   Dr. U. Olsbye - Catalyst development within the COZMOS project   Dr. N. Kanellopoulos - Hybrid VTSA pilot plant and design of industrial demo plant for CO2 capture
12:45-13:05   Dr. S. Krishnamurthy - CO2 capture using 3D printed PEI adsorbents supported by carbon nanostructures   Mr. Paul Cobden and Prof. C. Abanades - Pilot preparation for demonstration in the C4U project
13:05-13:25   Dr. S. Perez - Process intensification in the conversion of CO2 with a milli-structured reactor   Mr. T.  Swinkels - Decentralized FA based power generators
13:25-13:45   Dr. F. de Sales Vidal Vazquez - The KEROGREEN syngas route to alternative fuels and chemicals   Dr. L. Roses - Design and development of a membranebased post-combustion CO2 capture system
13:45-14:30   Lunch break
14:30-15:30   Round table and questions - closure (chairpersons Fausto Gallucci and Fernanda Neira)

IWCCU 2020